Thoracic Park is one man’s vision for a unique health care facility. Named for the thoracic spine, you might notice when pronounced, Thoracic Park sounds a lot like a popular dinosaur movie. This serves as a reminder that health care should step out of the days of the dinosaurs and evolve with changing times and demands.

I view Thoracic Park as having a character unique into itself. My patients are all individuals with their own personalities and concerns and the facility that provides their care should reflect that.

With that in mind, I created Thoracic Park to have a look and feel all its own. I wanted to make the office less formal and stuffy. All too often health care facilities create a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere. I decided to go in another direction. Thoracic Park doesn’t look like your ordinary doctor’s office. Elevator music and cold treatment rooms were not welcomed guests in Thoracic Park. I wanted patients to feel relaxed and comfortable and not scared or nervous. I replaced my white coat with a sense of humor and the bare treatment room walls with something a little more exciting. I wanted to capture positive energy and make a visit to Thoracic Park more than a visit to the doctor’s office. I think Thoracic Park will appeal to children, adults and anyone who feels that it is our individuality that sets us apart.

Although we break some health care facility stereotypes, we remain traditional in the services we offer. Thoracic Park will utilize the disciplines of chiropractic care, nutritional and herbal medicine and acupuncture. Conventional medicine sometimes fails to meet all the needs of patients with the changing trends of healthcare. Alternative medicine provides the patient with safe and natural options to approach their health concerns. For those who have never tried alternative medicine, I leave you with this thought;

“The promise of possibility begins with the opening of a door”.