NEW! Heads Up! The Growing Problem of Headaches: Part One
Headaches aren't a new problem. They are probably the most common complaint in the chronic pain category second only to low back pain. Millions of people not only struggle to find the cause of frequent headaches, but more importantly a solution. READ MORE

NEW! Heads Up! The Growing Problem of Headaches: Part Two
Last month we looked at the growing problem of migraine headaches and the difficulty in managing them. It was proposed that the problem might not be a reflection of the treatment,but rather a result of incorrectly defining the problem. Migraines are often misdiagnosed and the treatment success is often influenced by this. Migraine medications are unsuccessful when the patient doesn't have migraines. READ MORE

Natural Medicine and Nutritional Therapy as an
Alternative Treatment in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Abstract Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a multisystem autoimmune disorder without a known cure. Conventional medicine typically approaches the disease with a treatment plan that includes the use of corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), antimalarial drugs, and chemotherapeutic agents. READ MORE

Untwisting the Controversy of Strokes and Chiropractic
Recent stories have hit local papers and magazines bringing attention to the risk of stroke with chiropractic manipulation. One of the most recent publications to look at this alarming scenario was the May 2007 issue of Self magazine 1 . The graphic article dramatically paints a scary picture of both stoke and the chiropractic profession. READ MORE

Snuffing out Cigarettes:
Beating that Smoking Habit Once and for All

Like it or not, smoking is a big part of our society. It has just as much social implication as it does impact on our health. From the days of Humphrey Bogart lighting Ingrid Bergman's symbol of sophistication and James Dean dangling a butt from his memorable pout, cigarettes have been a huge part of the American culture. It has served as trademark for the rebellious youth as well as a totem for social breaks throughout corporate America. READ MORE

"Back" in the News:
Acupuncture Real or Fake Helps Low Back Pain

It is nothing new for acupuncture to grab a headline here and there as its mystique has become more mainstream than the taboo mystery that once surrounded the treatment. What is a surprise are the people performing the studies. Until now, most of the research available on acupuncture was performed in the Far East.   This seems to be changing. READ MORE

Allergies: Tis the Season for Alternatives
Allergies seem to be affecting more and more people these days. There was a time when there may have been that one person you knew who suffered once a year with hay fever, however times have changed and allergies seem to be on the rise. Not only are more and more people suffering from the symptoms, but the outbreaks seem to occur multiple times of year. READ MORE

Into the Mouths of Babes: the Obesity Problem Revisited
In the past few months, it seems that you can't pick up a newspaper or magazine without finding an article pointing out the growing problem of obesity in our nation. Behind every “fit into your bathing suit in six weeks” article, or the perfect abdominal workout in 7 minutes a day tagline lays an issue that can't be ignored; people have difficulty managing their weight. This should come as no surprise to most adults, as many have struggled with this issue or know someone close to them that has had their fair share of battles with carrying unwanted pounds. READ MORE

Picking Up The Pieces:
Local Triumphs Thrive In The Aftermath of Cancer Part 2

Last month I decided to share a story of the impact of cancer. It was clear that there was a huge difference between life and “quality of life” even in the absence of disease and remission. Part 2 of this series will further demonstrate that cancer leaves its mark long after the medical community no longer considers it a threat. READ MORE

Lasers: Taking the Fear Our of Acupuncture
Acupuncture has been one of those strange entities that seem to perplex the average person. For starters, it seems impossible that tiny little needles placed in specific spots on the body can have therapeutic effects, yet we hear the miraculous stories of those who have benefited from the least likely of choices of medicine. READ MORE

Advances in Medicine:
Ancient Practices Meet Modern Technology

Medicine is forever changing. Surgeries that once left massive scars have been reduced to incisions about the size of a dime. Herbal medicine mentioned only in the writings of Nataive Americans, African and South American tribes and the Far East have found their way into our medicine cabinets and the shelves of most local pharmacies. READ MORE

Acupuncture: Diamonds No Longer A Girl's Best Friend
Diamonds have long been labeled a girl’s best friend for their radiant beauty, romantic sentiment and their status as the benchmark for appreciation of femininity. However, when it comes to health diamonds fail to make a significant impact. Of course some may argue that they never felt better than when a huge rock was sitting on their ring finger, but most of us can agree that diamonds have limited medicinal value. READ MORE

Anti-Aging: Searching For The Fountain Of Youth
The Aging process is inevitable. Although our eyes remain the mirror to our souls, our bodies tell an entirely different story. A poem for the aging: The hair begins to thin as the waist miraculously grows. Hair sprouts from the ears and nose. Footprints of crows around the eyes, while lines of laughter will make some cry. The bones will creak, and often ache. That never hurt before, for heaven’s sake. READ MORE

Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Tangled Web of Controversy
In today’s ever changing world of healthcare we see the cyclical patterns of discovery and eradication of disease. Conditions that destroyed humanity a hundred years ago are nearly footnotes in history, while others are on the rise and taking their toll on the unfortunate lives that cross their path. READ MORE

New Hope for Arthritis Sufferers
Without question, it has become a trying time for those who suffer from arthritis. Not only do patients have to contend with unrelenting pain and stiffness, but the question of safety of their medications. The last couple of months have been nothing short of alarming for patients that are regular users of some of the most highly prescribed pain management medications. READ MORE

Picking Up The Pieces: Local Triumphs Thrive
In The Aftermath of Cancer, Part 1
Cancer is without a doubt one of those entities that can destroy everything in its path. It does not discriminate. It can strike any gender, age or nationality. It takes loved ones, friends and strangers. It is the worst thing we can imagine and we pray we never have to experience the impact of the deadly disease. READ MORE

Piriformis Syndrome: A Big Pain in the Butt
The irony of life is often perplexing. It is human nature to equate the size of something with value and magnitude of importance. We tend to pay more attention to the big things in life and often overlook the small stuff. Unfortunately, when it comes to health, size is often deceiving. Small things tend to cause big problems. A good example is the piriformis muscle. READ MORE

Pregnancy and Back Pain: A Tale of Two Cities
Pregnancy, without question has to be one of the most beautiful chapters in the circle of life. The joy and happiness of bringing a new baby into the world is indescribable. However, with the excitement and preparation for the new arrival comes a physical price tag. Unfortunately, mom will be a host to many physical changes that will sometimes make pregnancy a tough cross to bear. READ MORE

Straight To The Point: The Art of Acupuncture
Alternative healthcare has been on the rise for the past few years. Once a controversial act of taboo now has become not only recognized and accepted, but a staple in today’s world of medicine. Taking a closer look, the term “alternative medicine” suggests that the treatments are foreign, infrequently utilized or at the very least, not accepted by the majority. READ MORE

The Needle's Eye: Looking at the Effectiveness of Acupuncture
Acupuncture is probably one of the more difficult concepts to explain. Most of us have heard of it, some might have tried it, and others probably fear it. We will try and remove some of the fear and mystery that surrounds this ancient art of healing. Acupuncture is the ancient art of healing that utilizes tiny needles to restore the body’s natural mechanism of healing. READ MORE

Soccer and Ankle Injuries
The popularity of soccer is a growing trend in the United States. Arguably the most popular sport in the world, soccer seems to have found its way into the hearts and feet of American children. Prospect is no different, as the fields promise to be filled all summer long. I think the growing popularity is due to a number of factors. READ MORE

Tis The Season, The Aches and Pains of Winter
t’s the most wonderful time of the year. The Holidays are upon us and everyone is gearing up for the festive season. Time to pull out the mistletoe, trim the trees and prepare for Santa. Most of us can still find the spirit of the season, although it has changed dramatically since we were kids. READ MORE

Walking the Tightrope: The Mysterious World of Proprioception
Proprioceptors. They sound like something that might be aboard the mother ship in some science fiction movie. Actually, proprioceptors are tiny little nerve endings in our bodies that help with balance, performance and setting muscle tension. Chances are you never heard of proprioceptors. READ MORE

Weight Loss: The Skinny on Fad Diets
Obesity is a growing concern in the United States. It has been estimated that 61% of Americans suffer from obesity. That percentage predicts that 58 million people are overweight, 40 million meet the criteria for obesity and over 3 million people are classified as morbidly obese. READ MORE